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X Windows X11 Windows XWIN! Manage, crush, kill, destroy! Top list apps…

X Windows X11 Windows XWIN! Manage, crush, kill, destroy! Top list apps… xdotool wmctrl xprop xwininfo xlsclients xdpyinfo xshove wnckprop echo $WINDOWID xlsclients lsw Miscelaneous 1… wmp xrectsel Alt+Tab like apps for Linux… fbctrl jumpapp quicktile alttab xwinmosaic zentile X-Tile winpager wintoggle winwatch -W 300×300 Miscelaneous 2… xwinclone ffcast

Preview ShowRGB! Xrgb+YAD!

Show RGB ! Preview Colors Xrgb+YAD! showrgb|cut -f3>ok.txt showrgb|cut -f3>ok2.txt cat ok.txt ok2.txt>OKK cat OKK|sort|yad –title=’/usr/share/X11/rgb.txt’ –image=xapp –text=’RGB Aliases X11′ –width=200 –height=600 –no-headers –list –column=@back@ –column=Aliases

Blackbox .desktop, .png! Icon and executable… Display Manager!

Blackbox Desktop [Desktop Entry] Name=Blackbox Comment=Highly configurable and low resource X11 Window manager Exec=blackbox Terminal=false TryExec=blackbox Icon=~/.icons/x11blackbox.png Type=Application Keywords=wm;windowmanager;window;manager; [X-Window Manager] SessionManaged=true Blackbox Desktop Folder: /usr/share/xsessions/blackbox.desktop Blackbox Icon:

XBrightness Dbar

echo $(xbrightness|cut -f1|dbar -w 5 -max 65535)

Lenovo Thinkpad E490 (Others?) → Keyboard Light Dbar Percentage! kbdlight indicator!

cat /proc/acpi/ibm/kbdlight | grep -i status: | cut -b 10-|dbar -w 5 -min 0 -max 2

Xresources * Xmessage Nice!

!Xmessage Xmessage*keepClipboard: true Xmessage*keepSelection: true Xmessage*international: true Xmessage*baseTranslations: #override :<Key>Escape: exit()

“Trans” + YAD → CLI Google Translate → Trans+Xmessage+Ansifilter…

xmessage “$(trans “$(yad –entry)”|ansifilter)”

XCalc Trick (Just One Instance!) Xdotool+XCalc!

xdotool search –onlyvisible –classname xcalc && ( xdotool search –onlyvisible –classname xcalc windowactivate ) || xcalc

Blackbox 0.77: Simulate Mouse Root Click → Menu, Workspaces, Icons → button 1, 2, 3…

Menu xdotool click –window 1923 3 Workspaces xdotool click –window 1923 2 Icons xdotool click –window 1923 1

Expac + Xmessage! Sorted by Date → Package Log, PAMAC, PACMAN…

expac –timefmt=’%m-%d-%Y %T’ ‘%l\t%n’ | sort -g | tac | xmessage -file –